Email Management

HelpSpot can manage one email mailbox or one thousand. No matter how much email your business receives, HelpSpot can organize it and guarantee nothing falls through the cracks.
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Unlimited Mailboxes and Emails

HelpSpot can handle all the email you can throw at it. Manage a single support mailbox or hundreds.

Unified Email Management

All emails you receive across all mailboxes are accessible from one shared view making email management a breeze.

Automatic Replies

Set up a unique auto reply to every email mailbox HelpSpot checks, so customers know their email was received.

Customize Emails

The emails you send out through a mailbox can be fully customized to match your brand, to include unified message footers or any other tweaks you'd like.

Seamless Email Deliverability

HelpSpot pulls in email (IMAP) and sends emails back out (SMTP) exactly like a desktop email client through your mail server. This ensures the highest rates of deliverable, so your support email is never lost or filtered as spam.

The latest OAuth standards are supported for both Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online) and Google Workspace for the best deliverability and security.


Automate many aspects of email processing in real-time with Triggers and Live Lookup. Tasks that are impossible using traditional email are completed instantly without human intervention with our email management software.
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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

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