Volume Reports

How many tickets do you handle in a day? A Month? A Year? If you don't know, you need HelpSpot.
Example of Volume Reports

Track Trends and Volume

Get a real-time view of how many tickets you're receiving. Filter tickets down by category, assigned user, customer, custom field value, and more to see only what you need.


Group your tickets by 14 criteria, plus any custom fields or reporting tags making it easy to see your ticket volume by just one metric.

For example, group by category to see ticket volume by category over the time period. Group by day of the week to see which days are busiest to inform staff scheduling.


Utilize HelpSpot's filtering engine to filter based on dozens of criteria and thousands of potential combinations so you can drill down to exactly what you need to see.

Save Reports & Email Reports

Once you've dialed in your report exactly as you want it save it so you can instantly access it again in the future. Share your report with teammates, so you're all working off the same report.

Saved reports can then be scheduled to be emailed right to your inbox.


Export any report to CSV to work with it in Excel.
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