HelpSpot 5

All new UI. Powerful new features.

An all new user interface with dark mode makes HelpSpot a joy to use.

Powerful new features like conditional logic in email templates, SAML authentication, and scheduled emailing of reports give your support team more tools than ever before.

Conditional logic in email templates

Use IF/ELSE logic in your email template to send exactly the right message to each customer.

For example, you could use the value of a custom field to determine which footer to use in an email.

Email reports to staff and management

Come in Monday morning with your weekly reports ready in your inbox.

Emoji Avatars!

Express your personality with our custom emoji avatars. Don't worry photos are still supported for the less adventurous!

Dozens of other improvements
both large and small

Recurring requests

Setup any of your predefined responses to create new requests automatically on a schedule. Great for regularly recurring tasks.

Email processing improvements

Fully redesigned inbound and outbound email processing flow for dramatically faster performance.

Custom CSS & Javascript

It's easier than ever to add custom CSS and Javascript to the administrative panel.

Staff notification attachments

Email notifications to staff now include any attachments the customer included (finally!).

Portals fully 508 compliant

Help desk portals are now fully 508 compliant.

Access key security

Access keys are now longer and more secure.

New WYSIWYG editor

We've implemented the industry standard TinyMCE editor making your replies and notes better than ever.

New Dark Mode

New per-user dark mode option for those who prefer less screen brightness.

SAML Authentication

Implement single sign-on via the SAML standard.

New email parser

All new email parser internals help ensure customer emails are parsed even when they're sent in invalid formats.

Easier secondary portal creation

Files needed to create a secondary portal are now created by HelpSpot so you don't need to monkey around on the server.

Paste images in replies

If you have image data on your clipboard it can be directly pasted into your replies.

Response management

New tools to make deleting unused responses faster than ever.

Improved batch performance

New queue management makes batch actions significantly faster.

New auto-complete options

From the request note box instantly auto-complete and insert responses with #, placeholders with $, and notify staff with @.

Option to archive email

Have emails processed by HelpSpot moved to an IMAP folder to be archived instead of deleted.

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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

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