Call Center and Manual Entry

Agents can manually create tickets that are managed and tracked like any other. Perfect for walk-ins, internal tickets, or light call center duties.
Example of Call Center and Manual Entry

Easy Ticket Creation

Manually creating tickets shouldn't be a chore. HelpSpot's single screen entry system makes creating tickets a breeze. Agents never have to switch tabs or search for hidden fields. Entering the relevant data is convenient even while working the phones.

Canned Responses/Templates

Use Responses as templates for common scenarios or new calls. For example, when an agent starts a new ticket, they can quickly initialize the response, which can set up all required fields and pre-populate any required text.

Populate Fields

HelpSpot's unique Live Lookup system makes it easy to pull customer data from external sources and populate it in real-time. Perfect for fast and mistake free call center data entry.
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