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Help desk software can be big and complicated. HelpSpot is that sweet spot between power and usability. Just what you need, and nothing you don't. Get started today.

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Ticket Creation

Get your help desk requests into HelpSpot easily.

  • Turn emails into help desk requests.
  • Customers can create tickets via the portal.
  • Our powerful API gives unlimited programmatic access..
  • Embed our sidebar widget on your site.
  • Manually enter walk-ins and other requests.
  • Enter phone calls you receive.
Overview of HelpSpots help desk management

Ticket Management

One central location to manage and organize all your customer support.

  • Create custom views using hundreds of vectors.
  • All issues correspondence threaded together in one spot.
  • Don't look bad with multiple replies, agent detection warns if multiple agents are in the same request.
  • Control who sees what with permission groups.
  • Store any data with custom fields.
  • A clean, single page view of any request.
  • Easily respond to hundreds of requests simultaneously with batching.
  • Create custom workflows to organize any process.
Help desk software ticket view
Unified ticket view

Ticket Replying

Your team spends all day replying to tickets. A well thought out reply UI is critical.

  • Clearly labeled Public, Private, and External notes.
  • Flexible note creation with WYSIWYG or Markdown editors.
  • One click canned responses.
  • Powerful canned replies with attachments, permissions, folder organization, and more.
  • Support for HTML (and text) emails.
  • You'll have full control over all email templates.
  • Notify and subscribe other agents to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Drag and Drop image and file uploads
Clean and fast reply UI


Finally, get exactly the data you need when you need it in real time.

  • Easily identify trends, spikes, response time, and more.
  • Thousands of filtering options to get exactly the data you need.
  • All our reports are calculated in real time.
  • The built in Todayboard lets you see today at a glance.
  • All reports available as graphs, tables, and CSV.
  • Finally get access to critical data like first response speed, resolution speed, ticket volume, and much more.
  • Comparision matrix report lets you compare nearly any data HelpSpot stores making trend indentification a breeze.
customizable reports
Infinitely customizable to your needs


Stop wasting agent time on tasks HelpSpot can automate for you.

  • Automate your workflows easily.
  • Manage SLA's with automation rules and triggers.
  • Create automatic escalations and notifications.
  • Watch and update tickets in real time.
  • All rules are business hours aware.
  • Query based on time, ticket details, and hundreds of other options.
Free up agent time via automation

Email Integration

Email is the life blood of your help desk. Nobody does it better than HelpSpot.

  • Support for unlimited inbound/outbound email boxes.
  • Send outbound from your own SMTP server.
  • Full control over email template branding.
  • Effortlessly use HTML and images in your replies.
  • Central management of all mailboxes.
  • Integrated Bayesian spam filtering.
email template engine
Complete access to email templates

Custom Branding

Our largest multi-brand customer runs 450+ brands through one HelpSpot account!

  • Run multiple branded portals from one account.
  • Full access to the PHP/HTML templates for your portal.
  • Manage unlimited branded mailboxes.
  • Customize each mailboxes HTML template to match your brand.
  • Integrated UI for template customization.
  • Branding support works great for internal departments as well. Run IT, HR, and maintenance all through one account.
brand your support portal
Our own support portal is fully branded!

Knowledge Management

Stop keeping valuable documentation and notes strewn across multiple systems. Create public knowledge books for customer self service and private ones for internal agent use.

  • Create as many knowledge books as you need to organize your documentation.
  • The familiar table of contents approach makes information fast to find.
  • Include attachments, related content, and tags with each knowledge book page.
  • Anyone can create knowledge book pages with our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Directly link to knowledge books in your support replies to train customers about your self service offerings.
easily manage your knowledge base
Easily create knowledge pages

Self Service

Give customers the tools they need to help themselves instantly.

  • One central portal for your request forms, knowledge base, searching, and forums.
  • Full control over self service branding.
  • Run unlimited unique brands.
  • Built in knowledge management makes it easy for staff to actually create self service content.
  • Gather customer feedback on self service content.
  • Track customer self service searches to identify trends and find holes in your knowledge base.
help desk ticket form
Capture tickets online, including custom questions

Integration and API's

Your help desk doesn't live in isolation. Connect with all your internal and external systems.

  • Unique Live Lookup API allows integration with ANY system.
  • Access customer data in CRM's, SQL databases, XML, Active Directory, eCommerce systems, literally anywhere.
  • Web service API to query, create, and update tickets.
  • Our request push API enabled agent initiated transfer of tickets to bug trackers and other systems.
  • Use built in webhooks to connect in real time to other software.
  • Integration with Zapier makes it possible to connect with thousands of other apps. No coding needed.
live lookup api integration
Live Lookup brings customer data directly into HelpSpot