Automatic Assignment

Get tickets to the right agent fast with HelpSpot's automatic assignment tools.
Example of Automatic Assignment

Category Based Assignment

HelpSpot can directly assign categorized tickets without any agent input. There are a wide variety of assignment methodologies possible:

Round Robin

Assign the agents of a category one after the other so that all agents are assigned the same number over time.

Agent With Least Requests

Always assign the ticket to the agent with the least open requests.

Default Contact

Each category has a default agent. With this option that agent will be assigned to all new tickets in the category.


Leave it to chance! Assign requests randomly which will be even out over time but can be uneven short term.

Mailbox Based

Your email accounts can be set to auto-apply a category to new tickets. When it does, the above 'category based assignment' will be used causing an automatic assignment.

Trigger Assignment

Use hundreds of combinations of trigger conditions to assign requests on creation automatically or when a request changes. For example, create a workflow that when a ticket is marked as escalated in the networking category it's assigned to Sarah.

Automation Rule Assignment

Automation rules are great for tracking tickets that are delayed. The rules action can reassign tickets as needed. For example, when the automation rules detect a ticket that hasn't been updated by the customer in 3 days assign it to a follow-up specialist.

Reinitialize Auto-assignment

At any time, an agent can send a request back through the categorization based auto-assignment flow. For example, reassign a ticket to the 'inbox'. If that ticket's category has auto assignment enabled the ticket will go back through the assignment flow.
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