Real Time Batch Operations

Tear through your inbox with powerful ticket batching operations.
Example of Real Time Batch Operations

Categorize and Assign

Select, categorize, and assign tickets in just a click all from any of your filters.

Batch Respond

Ever have a service down and get hundreds of emails from customers?

With HelpSpot's unique batch response system, simply select all the requests related to the event and click batch reply. From there, you'll be able to write a reply that can go to hundreds of customers at once.

Customers can reply to your response with each ticket still managed individually after the batch reply.

Suppose you do need to reply back to the entire group in the future. In that case, it's also possible to create a temporary filter that contains everyone from the batch to reply again to the identical group.

Close Tickets

If you've identified tickets you need to keep but which can be closed without further processing, select the tickets and close them all from the filter without going into the actual ticket.


Merge multiple tickets, great for when someone forgets ana attachment. Two clicks and the tickets are consolidated.

Trash & Spam

Spam and general trash are easy to spot with HelpSpot's preview. Select them all and mark as spam or trash to remove them in a matter of seconds.
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