EU Hosted Help Desk Software

EU Data Storage

All your customer data stored in Frankfurt, Germany.

GDPR Compliant

A full set of GDPR tools.

No Extra Cost

EU hosting is included in our standard pricing.

No Compromises

EU hosted installations have no limitions or restrictions.
In addition to the default United States based hosting, HelpSpot also has a datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. Hosting HelpSpot in the European Union has no additional cost. EU based HelpSpot installations store all data in the EU and are completely contained within the EU at all times.

To get started with an EU based HelpSpot installation simple start a free trial.

EU Hosting Architecture

Unlikely nearly all other help desk software solutions HelpSpot is not a monolithic application supporting all customers from one set of servers. Instead, each HelpSpot customer gets a dedicated server hosted in the chosen datacenter.

All data is stored at all times within the hosting region and completely isolated from all other customers data.


HelpSpot's EU hosting is a GDPR compliant help desk solution. All customer data is stored within the EU ensuring GDPR compliance.

Maximum Performance for the EU

Running your HelpSpot server on the HelpSpot EU cloud in Germany ensures it's physically closer to you and your customers. This means faster loading and response times than competing platforms which are US based can offer.

On-Premise Options

Some of our customers in the EU and around the world have more particular hosting needs. In these cases, HelpSpot also offers the option to download the software and install it on any server anywhere in the world.

Your IT team will be in full control over its location, backups, and all other elements of the system with no connections to any centralized servers of ours. It can even be run completely offline behind a firewall if required.

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