Advanced Filtering

Find the exact tickets you are looking for in real-time.
Example of Advanced Filtering

Create Context

Filters give you the ability to create a context for your work. For example, a filter that shows everything open and waiting, another just for escalated issues, and a third for the requests you've closed this week.

Have filters for when you're wearing your manager hat and others when you're a worker bee.

Dozens of Filter Conditions, Millions of Combinations

Create as many custom views as you need to see precisely the tickets you need.

Customer Details

Name, email, phone number, or customer ID.

Ticket Details

12+ Criteria including category, assigned user, status, inbound mailbox.

Date & Time

15+ Criteria including open/closed date, relative date from today, time since last public update.

Custom Fields

Distinct conditions for each type of custom field. Search on dates, values in a list, number values, and more.

Advanced Operators

Far beyond other solutions, HelpSpot's filters allow you to create sub-grouped conditions to create precise matches. Even go so far as to write your own SQL to pull out exactly the tickets you need.

Organize Filters

Place filters in folders to keep all your contexts together. Important folders can live outside a folder, and your most essential filters can even be set to the top of the sidebar above the Inbox.

Share Filters

When creating filters, you control who can see them so that only the teams that need the filters have them in their sidebar, leaving things clean for staff who don't need them.

Batch Operations

Every ticket a filter displays can be operated on with batch operations. Quickly assign, close, or respond to dozens or even hundreds of tickets at once.

Full Customization

Dial-in every filter precisely as you need it. For example, show the columns you want to see, group data by category, assigned user, and more.
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