Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can reduce support volume by 20% or more. Get customers their answers faster and lower your support load.
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Easy Article Creation

The biggest problem with most knowledge bases is nobody writes the articles! Our simple WYSIWYG editor and streamlined writing process make it easy to add and maintain articles in your knowledge base.

Unique Book Format

The customer facing aspect of most knowledge base software is essentially just a search box. This is fine if you know the exact term to search but often fails when customers don't know exactly where to start with their issue.

HelpSpot's unique book format and easily scannable table of contents for each book make it instantly usable by customers and quick to scan, letting them find their answer and be on their way.

Public Knowledge Books

Public knowledge books are shown on the portal, indexed by Google, and available 24/7 for your customers to utilize.

Private Knowledge Books

A great place to keep internal notes, policies, procedures, or any other documents you need to keep private.

Self Service Portal

All public knowledge books are available on the integrated brandable self service portal, making it fast and easy for customers to find the information they need.

Powerful Reporting & Feedback

HelpSpot makes your customer self service better by allowing customers to mark every article as helpful or not. In addition, there are several other

useful reports designed to help you make the most out of your knowledge base.

For example, HelpSpot tracks what customers search on and reports to you which searches returned no results. This compelling report lets you dial in on exactly what content you need to add to your knowledge base to reduce your support load.

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