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Connect HelpSpot to any CRM or customer data system with precise control over all fields returned. Far beyond a traditional integration, Live Lookup creates a powerful real-time connection between HelpSpot and your customer data.
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Integration Over Synchronization

With HelpSpot and Live Lookup you never synchronize data from your CRM. Live Lookup always acts in real-time pulling in data from the CRM to display to your agents.

There's no 'customer' database in HelpSpot. Instead, each ticket can interact through Live Lookup with your customer data systems, letting them be the single source of truth for your customers. No more synchronization nightmares.

Connect to Anything

Live Lookup requires a small amount of coding to connect your CRM (usually 1-4 hours of work). This is more than other 'push button' type integrations, but the advantages are staggering. With Live Lookup you're in complete control of everything. Return any data. Format that data however you want. Create HTML links back to other systems, return a table of transactions, bold important text.

Populate Data

While HelpSpot leaves most of the data in the CRM, it is possible to populate HelpSpot fields and custom fields from Live Lookup. You'll want to populate anything that you'd like to be able to filter or report on.

Multiple Live Lookup Connections

Have multiple customer data systems? No problem at all. You can either merged the data in the Live Lookup code and return a single result or you can have more than one Live Lookup connection and choose between them as needed.

Live Lookup and Triggers

Most Live Lookup implementations use a trigger based workflow to run Live Lookup on ticket creation before an agent has even seen it.

For example, a trigger is defined to run Live Lookup as soon as a ticket is created. When the Live Lookup runs, if there is only one result, any fields Live Lookup knows how to populate it will populate. That ensures the data is available instantly to HelpSpot so that the ticket will be shown in the appropriate filters right away without any human intervention to set fields.
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