Help Desk Reporting

Move beyond guessing to genuinely understanding your support workload, staff productivity, and more.
Example of Help Desk Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

All reports are real-time and included right out of the box, so there's nothing to set up or configure.

Fully Customizable

Use filters and grouping to see just the data you want. Save customized reports for later use or to share with colleagues.

Report Data Your Way

View your data directly in HelpSpot or process reporting data in Excel or the business intelligence tool of your choice.

Graphs and Tables

Every report has clean graph and table views.

CSV Export

Export any data as a CSV for analysis.

Email Reports

Automatically email report data on a schedule to staff or even outside parties.

API Access

Leverage the API to build custom reporting.

Direct Database Access

Connect your BI tool to HelpSpot's SQL database for deep analysis.

Easily See Ticket Volume

No more guesswork, quickly see your ticket volume in real-time. Filter or group data to track trends or narrow in on specific areas.

Comparison Matrix

The unique Comparison Matrix report lets you compare nearly any data HelpSpot stores and display the results with a powerful heatmap to make trends easy to spot.

Performance Reporting

Track a variety of time related metrics, including:

Resolution Speed

The time spent to close a ticket, based on business hours or all hours.

First Response Speed

Time from receipt to first response to the customer.

Assignment Speed

Time from receipt to first assignment to an agent.
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