Saved Responses

Stop writing the same emails over and over.
Example of Saved Responses

Reuse Common Replies

Creating saved responses not only saves agents hours of time each month it ensures accuracy. Something change with a process? Update the response and now every agent is sending the correct process.

Partial Replies

Use responses for more than just complete replies. They're great for inserting a paragraph with a common series of steps while keeping the rest of the email custom or even just a single link. No need to copy and paste that link to the website over and over, just save it as a response and insert it instantly.

Set Every Field

Responses do so much more than insert text. A response can set every field in HelpSpot. So when you insert the text for how to reset a password, the category switches to 'account issue', the reporting tag is set to 'password reset', the note is marked as public, the status changes to problem solved and you're ready to send it. All the text for the reply plus four fields set with one click.


Have a document you often have to send? Stop having agents navigate their hard drives for it. Instead, create a response for it, and now you can instantly attach the document without any file browsing.

Keyboard Access

Use responses without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard. Autocompleting responses with # makes inserting pre-written replies instant and using multiple responses together to build up a full reply easy and intuitive.

Organization & Permissions

Organize your responses into folders for easy navigation and control who needs to see each response with integrated permissions.

Create Recurring Requests

If you ever need to create a request on a schedule, saved responses can do that as well. Create the response and then select the frequency for how often you'd like to create a request based on the content of the response. Perfect for recurring tasks such as checking backups or performing security audits.
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