Automate Your Help Desk

Stop making your staff re-type the same reply 20 times a day.

Spend your staffs time wisely

Never type the same reply twice with our canned response tools and HelpSpot’s automation tools allow actions to be triggered automatically based on changes to tickets, new ticket creation, time based (SLA) criteria, and more.

Let your staff get back to helping customers instead of performing repetitive actions.

Canned Responses

Never again type the same password reset or refund email.

Canned responses do more than just insert text. Set ANY fields value instantly or use multiple responses together to build up a reply.


One action can trigger another. A category change can trigger a note to your customer. A status change can trigger the addition of a custom field. All with an easy point and click configuration.

Here's just a few examples of what's possible:

  • Auto reply if specific text is found in an email
  • Change an assignment when a custom field changes
  • Set a custom field on ticket creation
  • When a category is changed email the customer
  • Be instantly notified when VIPs contact support
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Batch reply to hundreds of tickets at once

When crisis strikes, instantly reply to hundreds of similar tickets simultaneously.

Automation Rules / SLA Management

Stay on top of your help desk tickets by monitoring and responding to SLA’s like response time, tickets age and over 40 other parameters automatically.

Here's just a few examples of what's possible:

  • Escalate tickets if open more than 2 hours
  • Email agent a reminder as an SLA limit approaches
  • Update existing tickets with a new field value
  • Reassign a ticket based on SLA criteria matches

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