Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Direct integration with Thermostat makes customer surveys easy!

Easily utilize industry standard NPS and CSAT survey techniques

HelpSpot is directly integrated with our sister product Thermostat to fully manage your customer surveys and satisfaction reporting.

By being directly integrated with HelpSpot, your surveys are also reported back to HelpSpot allowing real-time filtering and reporting on your survey results.

Full control over your surveys

You configure under what conditions surveys are sent. Have some special cases where you don't want to survey? No problem.

Set the survey type using NPS (0-10) or CSAT (1-5), theme the surveys to your colors, control all the wording and survey frequencies exactly as you want them.

Send a survey instantly or on a schedule

HelpSpot + Thermostat supports sending your customer satisfaction surveys instantly or simply registering the customers email with Thermostat for later surveying on a schedule you define such as quarterly.

Deep reporting with Thermostat

Thermostat slices and dices your customer satisfaction survey results to give you a complete picture of how your team is doing over time.

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View results inline in HelpSpot

Easily see feedback scores in your Helpspot views.

Filter on results

Easily filter your requests by survey response results so you can dig into root causes.

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