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Connect HelpSpot to all your data systems for a single unified customer support solution.

Emails, API, and hundreds of other connections

HelpSpot connects to your email like a true IMAP client bringing unparalleled power and options.

Beyond email our APIs and Zapier connections make complex integrations a breeze.


Seamless email integration is a core feature of HelpSpot. No more shared mailboxes, lost email threads and complicated email client configurations. All your customer emails are automatically converted into simple, usable ticket threads.


Live Lookup

Access your existing customer data in CRMs, Databases, Active Directory and more in real time. No complicated import or sync process. Your customer data is at your fingertips as you need it.

Live Lookup Developer Documentation

Full API for two way interaction with your Help Desk

The HelpSpot api gives you easy access to all your help desk data. In addition, creating new tickets and making updates to existing tickets is a snap.

Web Service API Developer Documentation

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Use Zapier to quickly integrate with existing systems

Zapier lets you build point and click integrations with the tool’s your organization already uses. Integrate HelpSpot with bug trackers, phone systems, web forms, CRMs and over 750 other apps.

Webhooks and Request Push to launch external tasks from inside your help desk

Easily push ticket data out of HelpSpot to external tools via automated Webhook triggers or via staff initiated Request Push tasks.

Request Push API Developer Documentation

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“HelpSpot is full-featured without being overly complicated.”

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"We have been using HelpSpot to manage our sales inquiry and support tickets for years. It is better than Cats. We want to use it again and again."
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