Reporting and Analytics

Move beyond guessing to truly understanding your support workload, staff productivity, and more.

Report on your data in real time

Every report is built live against your data in real time. Reports expose more that just standard fields, custom fields and reporting tags specific to each organization are built-in.

Measure first response speed and resolution speed

Response and resolution speed are two key metrics for every help desk. HelpSpot allows you to easily report on both of these metrics and measure your team’s responsiveness.

Thousands of filtering options to get exactly the data you need

Don’t get held back by basic reporting. With HelpSpot you can choose from over 40 parameters to get the exact data that you need for any situation.

  • All our reports are calculated in real time.
  • All reports available as graphs, tables, and CSV.
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Unique Matrix Reporting

Cross compare nearly any data that we store so you can identify key trends

Pre-built reports to get access to critical data.

Finally get access to critical data like first response speed, resolution speed, ticket volume, and much more.

All your data, however you want it

HelpSpot doesn't limit how you access your data:

  • All reports are graphed
  • All reports are real time
  • Save reports for fast retreival
  • Export to CSV
  • Thousands of filter options
  • Matrix lets you cross compare any data
  • Direct database access (On-premise)

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“HelpSpot is full-featured without being overly complicated.”

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"We have been using HelpSpot to manage our sales inquiry and support tickets for years. It is better than Cats. We want to use it again and again."
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