Self Service In a Box

Integrated self service knowledge base makes it easy for customers to answer their own questions. Fast.

Answer your customer's questions before they submit a ticket

Every public knowledge base entry becomes the potential answer to a customer’s question. Reduce your support workload by allowing your customers to answer their own questions.

Proprietary book format

Why does every knowledge base try and reinvent the wheel?

HelpSpot's knowledge base is presented in a book format to your customers with a clean clear table of contents that everyone knows how to use.

Customers won't get lost trying to figure out the right word to search or wandering around infinetly nested folders.

Public and Private KB Books

Create resources for both your staff and your public audience. Each book, chapter and article can be made public or private at the click of a button.

  • Private books are only visible to staff
  • Public books are shown to customers
  • Create an unlimited number of books
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Fully customize your self service

Full text search

Public knowledge base articles are fully searchable and structured into easy to navigate knowledge books and chapters.

Leverage your knowledge base in replies

Staff can quickly integrate KB articles into customer replies using the built in knowledge base browser.

KB searches and helpfulness

Monitor what your customers search for in your knowledge base and how helpful the articles are to them.

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“We're a much more effective and cohesive crew since adopting HelpSpot.”

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"HelpSpot has made my staff much more efficient and effective. We can easily handle and measure the thousands of tickets we receive each week, and automate processes that don't need a human too. I highly recommend it."
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