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Who, what, when, where, and why. All in one place.

Create tickets from email,
forms, phone call, API

Your customers don’t contact you in a single way, so your help desk should be flexible enough to create tickets from a variety of sources. An unlimited number of email boxes, forms and API integrations can be used to create tickets automatically.

Every ticket has one owner

Every ticket in HelpSpot has a clear owner. Individual ownership is a cornerstone of driving processing efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction.

No more confusion over who's responsible for a ticket.

Public replies to customers and private notes to staff

Sometimes you just need to make notes for yourself or a teammate, other times you need to reach out to your customer.

Public and private notes give you the flexibility to choose while keeping everything organized in an easy to read timeline.

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Advanced Filtering

Find the exact tickets you are looking for in real time.

Build out advanced filter criteria base on custom fields, date/time criteria, ticket interactions and more. Then display the filtered tickets with custom columns, color coding and grouping.

Support multiple brands or departments

Your help desk is the center of the universe. For many organizations that means supporting more than one brand or department.

HelpSpot makes it easy to manage support for multiple groups from a single HelpSpot account. Better still, each group can have it's own mailboxes, portals, designs, automation, and more.

Set category and status

Each ticket receives a category and a status so you can see the state of any ticket at a glance.

Response macros automate actions

Build response for common ticket interactions. Then easily access them with two mouse clicks or keyboard search at any time.

Batch Actions

Leverage batch actions to update multiple tickets at once. Combine batch updates with placeholders to keep your customer communication both personal and efficient.

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