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Are you ready to join a community of professionals who’ve learned how to delight their customers?

If you’re like most people, you were never formally trained as a customer service representative. Maybe you started your job without knowing much about what to expect. But now that you’re in your role, you see how important you are to the whole.

You see that customer service impacts every aspect of your organization, from marketing and sales, to product development and finance.

We've taken our decades of combined experience in customer service and pulled together the customer service training tool we wish we’d had when we first got started.

And what we ended up with was a short-but-powerful 6 lesson course full of high level theory and key tactics, designed to help you excel in your day-to-day job.

We’ll give you valuable know-how on a wide range of topics such as organizing your help desk tickets, proper email etiquette, dealing with tough customers, and how customer service propels companies forward. We’ll also talk about how to cultivate your personal career in customer service.

"This bootcamp was a great help. I am a supervisor of a customer service department and this gave me a ton of insight on areas that we can improve on. THANKS!!!"

Barbara Logston
Manager of Customer Service
Birthday Direct, Inc

Here's an overview of the customer service training itinerary:

Lesson 1:
For once, focus on Easy...

Lesson 2:
Get to know your product

Lesson 3:
Organizing your help desk tickets

Lesson 4:
The power of a great email

Lesson 5:
The “real time” experience: Live chat and phone support

Lesson 6:
Keeping your cool when things go wrong

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