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HelpSpot saved our customer service.
-Jason A. Hoffman, Joyent
After struggling with email clients to handle our support, HelpSpot has been an absolute godsend!!
-Ben Richardson, CampaignMonitor
HelpSpot is a great tool in assisting us to deliver, timely, accurate, and comprehensive customer service.
-James Grove, NinjaTrader
I have to say that I have been looking at help desk software for our organization and HelpSpot is clean, simple, and awfully good.
-Nate Keegan, City of Prescott
HelpSpot has been a tremendous tool for our organization. We are a remote work organization, and coordinate both sales and customer support through HelpSpot. And thanks to the flexibility of the API, we have been able to integrate it into many of our other systems, including payroll, automatic feedback surveys and analytics.
-Nathan Perkins, Arctic Reservations
HelpSpot has made my staff much more efficient and effective. We can easily handle and measure the thousands of tickets we receive each week, and automate processes that don't need a human. I highly recommend it.
-Bill Brown, Need a Nerd
Everybody loves the simplicity of HelpSpot. The overall layout and functionality is great, plus with every HelpSpot upgrade there's always at least one new feature our team finds valuable. HelpSpot just makes sense.
-John Kenyon, BGW Group
HelpSpot has been with us every step of the way and has provided crucial insight to our daily operations. We have a better understanding of our workload and how it disperses amongst our department. This has been the best Helpdesk platform I have ever used in my 15 years in the industry.
-Shawn Matheson, Bio Fire Defense
HelpSpot enables a team member to be fully up to speed on all of their property management cases relating to a current client, whether a single or multiple landlord, and this has dramatically improved our delivered customer service experience.
-Steven A. Herd, My London Home
HelpSpot is our astromech droid that gets us out of a lot of jams.
-Jeff Stephenson, Warner Music Group
HelpSpot has made our lives so much easier. It is not just a product for us. It is a way of helping to ensure our users have a great experience.
-Brandon Wilch, American Red Cross
HelpSpot is an amazing tool supported by an Amazing team.
-Xavier Villafuerte, Colegio Menor
HelpSpot has a lot of bang for its buck. The company is willing to develop to your needs and has a great support system.
-Kristin Hernandez, FPI Management
After using HelpSpot for the past 5 years, it's hard to imagine life using a standard email client. HelpSpot helps us to keep around 50,000 vehicles, trailers and other assets on the road worldwide. HelpSpot does what normal email can't!
-Louwrens van Deventer, Freeway Fleet Systems
If you are looking for a quick, affordable, and efficient ticketing system, you can't do any better than HelpSpot. It is very user friendly for both the technicians and end users and highly recommended.
-Jeff Grossenbacher, Fruitport Community Schools
We have found the features of HelpSpot not only save time but also makes our jobs easier.
-Eric Link, Grand View University
HelpSpot has completely revolutionized the way our agency handles any kind of request!
-Mark Levesque, Home Health Foundation
Since we introduced HelpSpot we were able to dramatically reduce our overhead in managing and tracking tickets. It is worth it´s weight in gold!
-Johannes Rohrauer,
HelpSpot has been a huge time saver for our IT department, but after moving our HR and Servicing departments onto it as well, they have reported improved response times and have gotten much better customer satisfaction reports because of it.
-Zach Crockett, Mid America Mortgage
The right tool for the job.
-Jim Zajkowski, University of Michigan
As someone that works in a support team, I am constantly amazed how helpful HelpSpot's own support team is. They answer my questions quickly, completely and with aplomb!
-Joseph Pitha, New York State Energy Research Development Authority
We have been a HelpSpot customer since 2009. It has become an invaluable tool over the years in ensuring my entire department is in the know with support requests & status for our 180 user law firm. After 8 years we can't imagine functioning without it.
-John Oleniacz, Marks, O'Neill, O'Brien & Kelly, P.C.
HelpSpot has helped us organize our calls and be more efficient in solving the problems of our users.
-Janet Ayles, Peace Library System
You get a great product for an excellent price.
-Frank Norton, Red Thread
HelpSpot is very easy to use and is the first application we open each day. We would be totally lost without it.
-Shirley Hallman, Sonoco
Clients love it since their interaction with the system is as simple as sending or replying to an email.
-Steve McGough, Spider Creations
HelpSpot has allowed our technology team of 6 to serve a community of 450 faculty, students, and staff and to ensure that no one's technology questions or problems would go unanswered. It keeps us on top of issues and organized.
-Peter Hoopes, St. Andrew’s School
It has helped us identify trends and give our customers even better support. Amazing Software and Fantastic support.
-Derek Anderson, Team Transport & Logistics
We have been using HelpSpot for seven years and wouldn't think of changing. It is the easiest ticketing system we have used.
-Paul Filmer, Univex
Great product and most importantly, outstanding support.
-Harbi Ahmed, Herbers Autobody Repair
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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

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