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Sometimes you need to fully control your help desk solution. HelpSpot offers complete control from customization to data. Manage your hardware, access control, internal system connections and more.

Free Version: Features

Free Version: Limitations

  • Up to 3 agents, shared logins not allowed
  • Forum support only (except security issues)
  • Emails include a "Powered by HelpSpot" link
  • Limited to 3 mailboxes and 1 portal

Your Servers

Use your own servers or cloud. HelpSpot is very efficient, but very large installations can add as much power as needed.

Your Network

Keep HelpSpot inside your own network, run it completely offline if desired.

Your Staff

Leverage your staff's operations expertise to manage your HelpSpot, control backups and physical access.

Simple Installation

On Linux, HelpSpot installs in minutes. On Windows use our desktop installer to configure everything exactly as it should be.

Connect Internally

Connect HelpSpot to your internal systems that are not exposed over the internet.

Database Access

Full database access, connect with SQL or SQL reporting systems. Runs on Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.


Can't store data with outside parties for compliance reasons? HelpSpot runs on your equipment with your staff.

Code Access

Customize the HTML/PHP that makes up the HelpSpot customer portal for complete branding control.


Most SaaS help desk solutions aren't even profitable! HelpSpot has been profitable for over 10 years, plus on your own servers it runs indefinitely.

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We'll email you a download link, license file, and installation instructions. Windows or Linux.

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The HelpSpot Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied within 90 days of purchase, we’ll refund your money; hassle-free.

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Bill Brown

Chief Technology Officer
Need a Nerd

"HelpSpot has made my staff much more efficient and effective. We can easily handle and measure the thousands of tickets we receive each week, and automate processes that don't need a human too. I highly recommend it."
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