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HR Help Desk Software

Outsides may not think of human resources as a department that has a lot of email to organize, but at HelpSpot we understand how email centric many HR departments are.

With everything from new hires to payroll and compliance issues flowing through HR it can be overwhelming. Not having a solid solution to organize and manage these inbound items only makes it worse.

Since 2004, human resource departments around the world have used HelpSpot to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Our shared inbox structure, custom fields, and easy organization tools ensure HR is always on top of whatever the day's issues are.

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No Bloat Human Resources Software

We include everything you need to get your job done and nothing you don't so that your team and your budget can stay small and agile.

How Human Resource Departments Use HelpSpot

It's impossible to keep a handle on what's going on in HR when emails are going to individual people. There's simply no way to report on what types of issues you're seeing or manage them. Worse, it's easy for issues to get lost or forgotten. What happens when an email goes to Tim who's out on vacation for a week?

HelpSpot solves all these issues with our shared inbox technology. This removes your individual users from the email flow. All emails go to your hr@ email account. From there HelpSpot organizes everything, makes sure requests are assigned, and makes it easy to report on everything.

It's also common in human resources to answer the same question over and over. Using HelpSpot's responses feature you can simply have canned answers ready to go for those. Beyond just making it faster, it ensures customers always receive the correct answer. If a procedure changes simply update the response and now everyone is giving out the correct answer.

HelpSpot starts at just $699/year. One price for *everything* we offer including optional hosting. Want to learn more about how HelpSpot works? Review all our features.

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HelpSpot has made our lives so much easier.

Brandon Wilch

American Red Cross

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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

The Silent Partner

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