Case Study: NinjaTrader

Over 40,000 brokers depend on NinjaTrader for their livelihood. Learn why NinjaTrader depends on HelpSpot.

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Financial market trading is a high-volume, high-dollar business with little room for errors. Brokers rely on platforms, such as the NinjaTrader family of products, to process accurate and to-the-minute trade transactions. Since 2008, NinjaTrader has been using HelpSpot to provide quick and accurate support to 40,000+ brokers and sales partners.

The average monthly volume of around 17,000 inquiries is easily handled by the robust and stable architecture of HelpSpot Cloud’s, our hosted support desk option. In the face of such high volume, HelpSpot Cloud has no trouble providing NinjaTrader’s 150 customer service agents with superior up-time and performance capability.

Time is of the essence for NinjaTrader and and a delay of even a few minutes can mean millions of dollars lost for their customers. HelpSpot Cloud’s key time-saving features, like pre-written responses, give their customer service team more than 550 full and partial responses to maximize speed response time. Other features, such as Filtered Views and Categorization, contribute to the support team’s initial inquiry response time of 10 minutes--an impressive feat given the team’s inquiry volume!

Ensuring the support team continues to deliver the superior service their customers expect, NinjaTrader management uses HelpSpot Cloud’s integrated agent reporting and aggregate inquiry reporting for staff coaching and development.

As James Grove, vice president of customer service, put it: "HelpSpot is a great tool in assisting us to deliver timely, accurate and comprehensive customer service."

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