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HelpSpot is full-featured without being overly-complicated

Why has NetCE chosen HelpSpot as their call center customer service tool since 2011? “HelpSpot is full-featured without being overly-complicated,” according to Kevin Bluck, CIO.

In a growing call center of 40 agents handling more than 15,000 inquiries per month, a robust but agent-friendly system is key.

NetCE is an industry leader in healthcare-related educational content delivery and accreditation that serves the continuing education needs of over 500,000 healthcare professionals in the US. As the time of these professionals is valued, delivering a trouble-free experience is paramount.

When issues do occur, HelpSpot is the core infrastructure by which agents can efficiently be made aware and respond. Providing a central collection point for all issues, HelpSpot is a one-stop shop for agents. Regardless of how the customer reaches out, HelpSpot aggregates inquiries into one queue for all agents.

NetCE leverages many HelpSpot features that allow its 40 agents to more easily work one queue. Request assignment and notification capabilities allow multiple agents to work the same issues--common in a call center environment--without any getting lost in the shuttling between agents. The live look-up feature, which integrates HelpSpot with a company's existing CRM database, gives every agent a full understanding of the customer they are writing before they begin to respond.

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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

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