Case Study: Warner Music

Supporting hundreds of online stores for acts like Twenty One Pilots and Justin Bieber is no small task, which is why Warner Music trusts HelpSpot to communicate with their millions of fans and customers.

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Ever consider the customer service needs of music artists like Ed Sherran, Neil Young, Blake Shelton, and Sheryl Crow? No, why would you?! Ensuring the seamless fan experience for these artist and hundreds of others is exactly the work of Warner Music Artist Services. A group within Warner Music, they provide artist with services ranging from marketing/web presence to e-commerce and touring solutions and support.

As you can imagine, successfully fulfilling the customer service needs of over 100 artists, and their millions of fans, is no small feat. To handle the 21,000+ customer inquiries per month coming in from the 650+ email accounts and artist web sites, Sr. Director of Customer Service, Jeff Stephenson, and his team have very successfully made HelpSpot the backbone of their customer service operation.

Tightly integrating HelpSpot with Magento and OneLive means they can seamlessly have critical customer transaction information at their fingertips to provide the most complete response to any customer inquiry. Ultimately, minimizing back-and-forth and customer frustration.

Using just two of HelpSpot’s automation features, Triggers and Rules, Jeff and his group created almost 600 conditions for managing, routing, and working inquires with less than 60 agents--pretty impressive for a high volume organization! Beyond staff efficiency, HelpSpot’s automated processing provides a means to quickly identify trends and issues within a large volume of inquires before they become a PR nightmares for their Artists.

Seamless integration, maximizing efficiency, and complete issue visibility is why Jeff has said “(HelpSpot) Is our astromech droid that gets us out of a lot of jams.”

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