Help desk and customer support software for modern call centers.

Call Center Help Desk and Customer Service Software

Call center technology systems are becoming increasingly complex. With that complexity you need a help desk and customer service software that will allow you to adapt and customize your support software to to your needs. HelpSpot provides this flexibility with a streamlined and efficient user experience for your agents. In addition, your call center managers get the reporting and routing features they need to efficiently manage call center staff.

Manage Thousands Of Interactions with Ease

Turn disjointed email exchanges, phone calls, and contact form submissions into meaningful conversations.

Run your Help Desk On-Premise

HelpSpot can be setup in the cloud or on-premise. Ensure data security and compliance by running your helpdesk in your own data center.

Powerful Request Management & Automation

Store unique data in Custom Fields. Manage SLA's with automation rules and create escalations and notifications.

Trend Reporting

Spot trends fast and easily compare any of your data.

Productivity Report

A clear grouped view of how quickly you're responding to and closing requests.

Wire Up HelpSpot. No Coding.

Connect to thousands of apps. Slack, HipChat, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more!

HelpSpot has made my staff much more efficient and effective. We can easily handle and measure the thousands of tickets we receive each week, and automate processes that don't need a human too. I highly recommend it.

Bill Brown
CTO - Need a Nerd

HelpSpot is the call center help desk you've been looking for.

We pride ourselves on providing simple pricing and absurd value to our customers. For over a decade HelpSpot has been the choice of call center worldwide.

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