Case Study: Converse County School District

Learn how Converse County School District has leveraged HelpSpot for over a decade to provide world class IT support.

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Customers since 2007, Converse County School K-12 School District has relied upon HelpSpot for many years to be the core at servicing all their IT help desk needs.

With 25 agents supporting 450 customers within the District, HelpSpot has proven to be the workhorse their IT help desk needs to quickly and efficiently manage inbound customer inquiries. No longer are inquires lost in any one of the 3 mailboxes that customers send inquires to. HelpSpot aggregates these mailboxes into one easy-to-use interface for anyone of their agents to pick-up and work. While at the same time logging each and every note and change to provide a clear log of how an issue was worked. Something no email system every gave them!

HelpSpot’s robust reporting provides validation of processes and shows the IT help desk where improvements and efficiencies can be found. For example, Converse is keen on tracking speed to resolution for their inquires. Tracking and analyzing this data allows them to hone-in on the types of inquiries that result in longer resolution times and what can be done proactively. Ability to understand your inquires and take proactive measures is the key to building a successful IT help desk, and Converse County School District totally gets it.

As a long time customer, Converse County School District has seen HelpSpot grow to become the feature rich and highly flexible tool it is today. It is through careful listening of customers needs, such as theirs, HelpSpot has been able to evolve into the product HelpSpot is today. When asked which feature they liked the best, Theresa Jackson (Database Technician), emphatically stated “everything”. Now that’s a ringing endorsement!

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