Case Study: Creeden & Associates

Creeden supports over 10,000 manufacturers, retailers and sales reps using HelpSpot.

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Walk down the aisle of your local home improvement center and you’ll see thousands of products. Moving physical products from the manufacturing floor to the shelves of retailers like Home Depot and Ace Hardware requires a strong sales network and marketing team. However, getting the product to the shelf is only part of the battle. Shelf placement, product promotion, and even inventory levels must be managed between the retailer and manufacturer to ensure strong sales. Our friends, and HelpSpot customers since 2014, at Creeden fulfill this critical liaison role.

Creeden’s customer service team efficiently supports over 10,000 manufacturers, retailers and sales reps using 100 triggers and rules to automate routing and notifications of inquiries to agents, sales team members, and even company management. The use of automated routing in HelpSpot allows them to address inquiries in the quickest possible way, as inquiries and notifications are directed to the appropriate resource as soon as they hit the system.

In addition, sales data integration is a critical component of their help desk solution. Creeden uses HelpSpot’s live look-up API to access critical customer information within each inquiry. Fairly unique to their organization’s needs, they’ve opened up the ability to submit edits to the customer CRM through HelpSpot. This bi-directional access to managing data allows sales reps and customer support agents alike to have the most current customer sales data at their fingertips.

Flexibility to support Creeden’s critical business needs is why Greg Biernacki, senior developer, noted that "HelpSpot is an integral part of their company’s systems."

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