Case Study: TOM BIHN

TOM BIHN prides itself on manufacturing the best travel bags in the industry. See how they use HelpSpot to support their ecommerce business.

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Tell us a bit about TOM BIHN

We design and make backpacks, laptop bags, and travel bags in Seattle, WA, with nearly every facet of the business handled in the same facility that we manufacture most of our products. Our bags are sold direct through our website. Our company is pretty small but rapidly growing, so it requires that most of us take on responsibilities that might not necessarily fall under our job description from time to time. Essentially, every one of us is a "wearer of many hats."

How many users do you have in HelpSpot? How many requests are you managing daily?

Right now, we have six users, with three or four of us using HelpSpot the most. Depending on the day of the week, what kind of new products we've come out with recently, and a multitude of other factors, the number of requests tends to fluctuate day-to-day. On average, though, I'd say the crew as a whole is probably dealing with 60-70 requests every day.

What kind of support are you doing in HelpSpot? Pre-sales, technical support, general inquiries?

A little of everything. Any questions, comments or whatever else is sent to our customer service or shipping departments are dealt with through HelpSpot.

What were you using to organize your support before HelpSpot?

We depended mostly on email, which required lots of forwarding, cc'ing, and other extra steps to make sure multiple people could be on the same page about something. At the time, it didn't seem like there was any other way.

What features of HelpSpot do you find critical?

The flexibility of assigning tickets to different users and categories on the fly has streamlined communication among the crew, as well as shortened the time gap between receipt and response to customer requests. Whoever is best equipped to deal with a particular request is assigned the request immediately. Additionally, the visibility that comes with HelpSpot has been key. We have better awareness of each department's workload, which is pretty essential in a growing business such as ours.

Since adopting HelpSpot what improvements have you seen in your support and your company as a whole?

As I mentioned, each crew member seems to have a better general awareness of how each part of the business is operating and what kind of challenges they’re dealing with each day. Fewer customer requests are falling through the cracks due to miscommunication. We're a much more effective and cohesive crew now.

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