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A Help Desk for Government Organizations

As government technology systems become increasingly complex you need a help desk system that will allow you to adapt and customize your support software to your needs. HelpSpot provides the flexibility needed to meet your goals and automate processes. In addition HelpSpot is designed, built, supported and hosted in the United States so you can have confidence in HelpSpot as you help desk solution.

Manage Email Better

Turn disjointed email exchanges into organized, meaningful conversations.

Run your Help Desk On-Premise

HelpSpot can be setup in the cloud or on-premise. Ensure data security and compliance by running your helpdesk in your own data center.

Powerful Request Management

Store unique data with Custom Fields. Filter, categorize, and organize.

Trend Reporting

Spot trends fast and easily compare any of your data.

Productivity Report

A clear grouped view of how quickly you're responding to and closing requests.

As someone that works in a support team, I am constantly amazed how helpful HelpSpot's own support team is. They answer my questions quickly, completely and with aplomb!

Joseph Pitha
Help Desk Manager

HelpSpot is the government help desk you've been looking for.

We pride ourselves on providing simple pricing and absurd value to our customers. For over a decade HelpSpot has been the choice of government worldwide.

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