Custom Help Desk Software

Customize HelpSpot into exactly the support tool you need, or even use it as the core of a completely custom solution.

Truly Custom Help Desk Software

Make HelpSpot your own by customizing every email and portal template to your brand.

Go even farther as many of our customers have and use HelpSpot as the robotic core of a fully custom solution you're building.

Custom Design

Every element of HelpSpot's email and portal templates can be customized. Implement your brands design down to the pixel.

Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields to capture any data you need. Each custom field has it’s own visibility logic so your staff will only see the fields they need when they need them.

Support multiple brands or departments

Your help desk is the center of the universe. For many organizations that means supporting more than one brand or department.

HelpSpot makes it easy to manage support for multiple groups from a single HelpSpot account. Better still, each group can have it's own mailboxes, portals, designs, automation, and more.

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Black Box custom authentication

Authenticate against Active Directory or any other authentication system using our custom Black Box configuration system.

HelpSpot Core

Building a custom help desk from the ground up is thousands of programming hours. Instead, use HelpSpot as the core of your custom help desk needs. The HelpSpot API and database access make it easy to build a completely custom solution on top of HelpSpot.

Database Access

If your HelpSpot is self-hosted you have full access to the HelpSpot SQL database allowing you to easily write custom queries, triggers, and more.

Case Study

Customer Since: 2014   ·   Agents: 36

“HelpSpot is an integral part of our system and company.”

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Customer Quote

Nathan Perkins

Arctic Reservations

"HelpSpot has been a tremendous tool for our organization. We are a remote work organization, and coordinate both sales and customer support through HelpSpot. And thanks to the flexibility of the API, we have been able to integrate it into many of our other systems, including payroll, automatic feedback surveys and analytics."
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Customer Since: 2011   ·   Tickets Answered: 10,000+