Flexible and affordible library help desk and customer service software.

Lackawanna Library System

The Trusted Library Help Desk Solution

Libraries worldwide use HelpSpot to manage a meriad of operations inside of their orginations. All the features and the flexability that you need to organize in one budget friendly package.

Manage Email Better

Turn disjointed email exchanges into organized, meaningful conversations.

Powerful Request Management

Store unique data with Custom Fields. Filter, categorize, and organize.

Trend Reporting

Spot trends fast and easily compare any of your data.

Wire Up HelpSpot. No Coding.

Connect to thousands of apps. Slack, HipChat, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more!

HelpSpot has helped us organize our calls and be more efficient in solving the problems of our users.

Janet Ayles
IT Services Manager

HelpSpot is the library help desk you've been looking for.

We pride ourselves on providing simple pricing and absurd value to our customers. For over a decade HelpSpot has been the choice of library worldwide.

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