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Breaking with tradition, because your customers deserve to be delighted.

Writing a Customer Service Resume: A How-To Guide

All too often, job applicants put together a "general" resume that they use to apply for every job with little to no modification. Unfortunately, general resumes don't tend to be very successful—especially for customer service positions.

5 Customer Retention Techniques To Try Today

These days, you're not the only lemonade stand in town – in fact, you might not even be the only lemonade stand on the block. To stand out, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition any way possible. How do you do that? By improving customer satisfaction! You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but ​when it comes to customer retention, you may need to give it a spin every now and then to make sure it's still working.

The Importance of a Customer Postmortem

You've lost a customer. It's okay. It happens. Now, take a step back. This is why it's critical you look back at the history of the client relationship and do a postmortem.

How to Retain Your Delightful Customer Service Team

Your customer service team is your first line of defense when establishing relationships with new customers, and your last line of defense for maintaining unhappy customers. A good customer service employee is valuable – too valuable. Without a retention strategy in place, what’s to stop your best employees from going elsewhere? The answer is nothing!

Why A Customer’s Poor Planning IS Your Emergency

Your customers' planning may not always be sufficient. How you help solve their problems will go a long way in defining your customer relationship.

5 Interview Tips for a Customer Service Job

The customer service industry is predicted to grow faster than average between 2014 and 2024. With new opportunity and competition, what can you do to get in on the action and land a coveted customer service job in 2016? We share 5 tips.

Knowledge Base Organization Techniques

Knowledge bases can be extremely helpful in both reducing the number of times that customers need to contact your support staff and as valuable reference resource to your support staff. Today I'll break down a few different techniques for organizing your knowledge base and point out the advantages of each. </p>

How To Manage A Customers’ Complaint About Pricing

How your customer service team manage customers' pricing concerns will go a long way toward reassuring customers of your value and retaining your customers in the months and years to come.

Changing Your Customer Support Procedures as Your Business Grows

When companies experience growth, especially rapid growth, it is the customer service segment that often has trouble keeping pace. You are so focused on expansion that you lose sight of what got you here -- servicing and wowing your customers. It was once easy to respond to customers at a lightning-fast pace. Now, you’re embarrassed to admit it could be days, if not a string of days, before you get around to hitting reply on a customer inquiry. Something has got to change.

4 Types of Customers and How to Serve Them

In this article, we cover a few types of customers you’ll come across, with tips on how to engage with them.

Hold, Please: Managing Your Customer Service Wait Time

No one likes being placed on hold. Consumers wants quick, uncomplicated answers, but holds happen. As a business obsessed with delivering delightful customer service, how can you create a pleasant hold experience for your customers? One that gives you the time you need to properly handle their request, but doesn’t make them feel put off or like they’re being herded around like cattle?

The Dos and Don'ts of Chatting with Customers

By following these tips, you can help avoid awkward situations while providing enjoyable and personable experiences to your customers.

The Importance of Customer Contact

In honor of Customer Service Week, we are asking you to look at how often you communicate with customers and to question whether it’s enough. Are you being a responsive company that cares about your customers’ needs, or are you the friend they only hear from when you need a ride to the airport?

Clever Ways to Escalate Your Support Request

To get the support issues you have resolved quickly, you may need to think outside the box and navigate your way around the regular communication channels.

Believe It or Not: The Customer Service Industry Is Growing

Today’s customer service professionals are not only in demand, they’re demanding respect. As more and more organizations rely on service representatives to build satisfaction and increase retention, customer service has transitioned from a thankless job to one rich with opportunity.

When & How to Complain About Bad Customer Service

What makes customer service complaint-worthy? And how do you complain about it in a way most likely to get you a satisfying resolution? Let’s cover some of the top times it’s reasonable to complain, and then we’ll cover what to do.

Act It Out: Customer Service Training Ideas Inspired by Acting Class

It so happens that customer service and acting have a lot in common. Today, we invite you to check out some acting practices and standards that can help you build a powerful and highly effective customer service team.

How to Create Realistic Customer Service Guidelines

Have you armed your team with the customer service guidelines they need to be successful, or have you left them flying without a net? In today’s post, we look at how to create realistic customer service guidelines that provide procedure and support for your team.

Customer Support by Email: Dos and Don’ts

Customer service through email is critical today, especially as the cost to acquire a new customer is much more expensive than the cost to retain a customer. We dig into some key email dos and don'ts.

Should I Take a Customer Service Job?

If you’re asking yourself “Should I take a customer service job?” here are a few things to consider before you decide.