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Library Customer Service Software

One of the earliest surprise use cases for HelpSpot was with libraries. It wasn't a market we had considered when first developing HelpSpot, but we quickly learned how important email was in library communities.

Not all customer service software works for libraries, much of it is more complicated or IT focued than required. This is why HelpSpot really shines in the library customer service software world. With our focus on simplicity and providing only the core email management and reporting functions it ends up being a perfect fit for libraries around the world.

Library customer service software trusted by librarians everywhere
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No Bloat Library Customer Service Software

Manage your library's email and self service operations easily and affordably.

How Libraries Use HelpSpot

Libraries have found a wide range of uses for HelpSpot. The most common of course is answering and organizing email. With HelpSpot's single assignment requirement it's always clear if an email is waiting to be answered or being worked on. In a busy library this ensures nothing falls through the crachs.

We also see many college library systems using HelpSpot with their student staffed help desks. HelpSpot's affordable pricing model allows libraries to give each student a login for enhanced security and accountability.

HelpSpot starts at just $699/year. One price for *everything* we offer including optional hosting. Want to learn more about how HelpSpot works? Review all our features.

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HelpSpot has made our lives so much easier.

Brandon Wilch

American Red Cross

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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

The Silent Partner

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