Expanded Replies

Craft clear, effective responses to customer inquires instantly with the power of AI
Example of Expanded Replies

All AI features are optional and require an Open AI API key to use.

Expansion and Copy Editing

Our powerful AI-powered assistance expands short notes into well-crafted replies, ensuring clear and helpful responses. Wish your team was able to consistently write clearly and concisely? Use HelpSpot AI’s built-in prompts to do exactly that and make it easier for you and your team to put your best foot forward when communicating with customers.

If you or somebody on your customer support team loves writing in bullets, then you’ll love HelpSpot AI’s ability to take bulleted notes and turn them into a fully written reply that’s ready to be sent to a customer.

If you’ve got somebody on your team who’s on the other end of the spectrum and loves to write in lots of detail, then you’ll want to take advantage of HelpSpot AI’s ability to shorten longer notes, making them concise and easy to understand.

Change Tone

Make sure your customer support team is striking the right tone with the power of HelpSpot AI, which can make sure replies back to customers sound exactly as you intended.

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